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Symptomatic versus Preventive

Health is not simply the absence of disease.

Hannah Green

What is called a “symptom” is a manifestation, usually physical, of a disorder, when the disorder overcomes the body’s compensatory and defensive capacities.

Following this reasoning, it means that the body and the nervous system have tried to compensate and repair the underlying problems of the disorder without success, and that they try to draw our attention more acutely to this state by seeking external help.

We are often responsible for the development of this disorder, at least by our inattention to the signals our body is constantly sending us.

Symptomatic care is therefore waiting for problems to set in and seeking first to hide the most annoying symptoms (pain, swelling, inflammation…), and then acting until the symptoms subside, regardless of whether the original, real problem has been resolved or not.

This behaviour explains the phenomenon of “relapse”, because of its action on short-term reaction and its low capacity for anticipation.

On the other hand, there is another approach, which certainly does not eliminate the risk of disorder, but, as numerous studies have already shown, it greatly reduces the risks and their duration of action. It is prevention and anticipation.

In this sense, chiropractic is a natural care system, which acts without medication or surgery. Chiropractic care, although effective in a state of crisis, the symptomatic phase, is positioned primarily as a preventive health care and not as a disease care, reactive and symptomatic by definition.

At Chiropractic, we believe that, as with any treatment, there are four key steps:

         1 Symptom relief (pain, numbness, headache…).
         2 Stabilisation (to reduce the risk of back problems)
         3 Recovery (to reinforce what has been stabilised in the previous phase)
         4 Maintenance / Well-being, which aims to prevent optimal personal health.

These phases may have a different duration from one person to another depending on the particular conditions and the length of time they have been present.

     We understand the freedom and responsibility of each person to determine their own health goal, and we fully respect this. Therefore, depending on the goal you set in consultation with us, we will support and advise you on exercises and changes to better manage your health and your own. In this way, you can achieve a high level of sustainable results as soon as possible…

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