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Sports injuries

Chiropractors are trained to assess, diagnose and treat sports-related injuries as part of their core competencies.

Sports injuries are usually caused by a traumatic force on a moving joint that results in hyperextension or hyperflexion. One such injury is an anterior cruciate ligament tear, which results from rapid deceleration, hyperextension or rotation of the knee joint, which may or may not involve contact with another person. Such an injury, and others, can cause significant pain and debilitation that keeps you away from the sports you enjoy. Chiropractors, as experts in the spine, muscles and nervous system, can help prevent and manage sports-related injuries.

In fact, through a thorough history and physical examination, chiropractors can help determine the cause of pain and dysfunction and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

Conservative care offered by chiropractors, depending on the injury and mechanism, may include joint manipulation and mobilisation, soft tissue therapies, complementary modalities, rehabilitation and individualised exercises and lifestyle advice to restore proper function, improve healing of damaged tissue and reduce pain.

We use a variety of different chiropractic techniques, from manual adjusting to gentle, low-force techniques. Depending on your needs and body type, we will provide you with a treatment style that suits your body.

Chiropractors can also help, in collaboration, to determine the best strategy for return to play.